David M. Robinson '79 appointed as CEO of Endicott Biofuels

David M. Robinson will head up Endicott Biofuels, a Houston, Texas-based company founded in 2006 that specializes in the development of alternative energy sources such as biodiesel.

Robert Saltiel '85 named executive VP for world's largest offshore drilling contractor

Robert Saltiel '85 was promoted to executive vice president for performance at Transocean Inc.

Hsing-Huang Tseng *83 elected a fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Hsing-Huang Tseng *83 was elected a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in recognition of his contributions to CMOS ultra-thin gate stack technology.

Doug Boothe '86 named CEO of Actavis United States

Doug Boothe was appointed in August to serve as CEO of Actavis United States, the North American arm of Actavis Group, an Iceland-based pharmaceutical company that specializes in development of generic drugs.

Thomas Edgar *71 elected a fellow of International Federation of Automatic Control

Thomas Edgar *71 was elected a fellow of the International Federation of Automatic Control.

Christos Papadimitriou *76 wins Katayanagi Prize in Computer Science

Christos Papadimitriou *76 won the Katayanagi Prize in Computer Science for Research Excellence for his work on the theory of algorithms and complexity and their applications to optimization, databases, game theory, economics and the Internet.

Robert Briskman '54 receives award for founding Sirius radio

Robert Briskman '54 received the Technology Business Leadership Award from the A. James Clark Engineering School at the University of Maryland for his role in founding Sirius Satellite Radio.

Lawrence Leighton '56 appointed to China Natural Gas Board of Directors

Lawrence Leighton was named in August to join the board of directors of China Natural Gas, a leading provider of compressed natural gas for industrial and residential use in China.

Marsha Anderson Bomar *78 receives transportation engineering award

Marsha Anderson Bomar *78 received the Herman J. Hoose Distinguished Service Award from the Institute of Transportation Engineers – Southern District in recognition of her leadership and contributions to transportation engineering.

'Young filmmakers' produce videos about School of Engineering

Three recent Princeton graduates took part this summer in a "young filmmakers" program in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The filmmakers, who majored in engineering as undergraduates, produced six short videos that were shown in a campus-wide screening in July and are now available for viewing on the Internet. Michael E. Wood created videos about the Center for Information Technology Policy and about a new technology that is assisting archaeologists who are