Senior thesis project probes intricacies of groundwater cleanup

Audrey Shih’s thesis focused on specially formulated chain-like molecules called polymers that can help flush contaminants from hard-to-reach crevices in underground aquifers. How these polymers move through porous rocks to dislodge pollutants — and why they are more effective in some settings than in others — is not well understood.

AI tool gives doctors a new look at the lungs in treating COVID-19

Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, Princeton researchers have developed a diagnostic tool to analyze chest x-rays for patterns in diseased lungs. The new tool could give doctors valuable information about a patient's condition, quickly and cheaply, at the point of care.

Double helix of masonry — researchers uncover the secret of Italian renaissance domes

Researchers from Princeton and the University of Bergamo have uncovered the secret of Italian renaissance domes by mathematically proving the structural physics that underlies masonry cupolas like that of the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy, a World Heritage site. The research not only provides fundamental understanding but also aids preservation efforts, and can be used in future technologies that utilize drones for construction.

NSF RAPID grant backs study on talking and COVID transmission

A National Science Foundation grant will support Princeton researchers studying how COVID-19 may be spread by people without symptoms through everyday social interactions involving breathing and speaking.

Three innovative projects selected to receive funding from the Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund

Three research endeavors aimed at fundamental challenges in health, information technology and water conservation have been selected for funding through the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund.

Sowing seeds of happiness: Emotional well-being while home gardening similar to other popular activities, study finds

As civic leaders and urban planners work to make cities more sustainable and livable by investing in outdoor spaces and recreational activities such as biking and walking, Princeton researchers have identified the benefit of an activity largely overlooked by policymakers — home gardening.

Marconi Prize honors Andrea Goldsmith as pioneer in wireless communications

Andrea Goldsmith, a global leader in the development of wireless systems, has been awarded the Marconi Prize, the highest honor in telecommunications research. She is the first woman ever to win the prize, now in its 45th year.

Engineering professors elected to National Academy of Sciences

Two engineering faculty members, Jennifer Rexford and Elke Weber, have been elected as members of the National Academy of Sciences.

Nicholas Johnson named valedictorian, a first for Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Nicholas Johnson, an operations research and financial engineering concentrator from Montreal, has been named valedictorian of Princeton’s Class of 2020.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences elects three Princeton engineers

Three professors at the School of Engineering and Applied Science have been named members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The honorees, Ruby Lee, Margaret Martonosi and Alexander Smits, are among 12 Princeton faculty members elected to the academy this year.