Student Profile: Nicole Rafidi

Working on the Photonic Neuron Project led by Professor Paul Prucnal. The project seeks to enable ultrafast
computing by using nonlinear optical devices to imitate neurons. These neurons perform computation on laser
pulses that encode information.

Earned certificates in neuroscience, robotics, applications in computing, and engineering biology.

“It’s a nice marriage of my interests in electrical engineering and neuroscience.&r

Student Profile: Jordan Culbreath

“Michael Schoder from the Class of 2010 and I developed a cold-water hydrotherapy spa for the
rehabilitation of our varsity athletes. The system consisted of a chiller unit (which housed a refrigeration
system, filtration/circulation system, temperature control system, and a spa jet pump) along with a
custom-fabricated pool that held up to five athletes at a time. The system provided a cost- and
energy-efficient alternative to the cold-water treatment methods previ

Student Profile: Victoria Hewitt

“I worked with the International Water Management Institute in India after my sophomore year, and
this experience piqued my interest in water issues. Junior year, I went to Togo to assess ways to provide
safe drinking water to a village of 3,000 people who had neither safe drinking water nor electricity. My
senior thesis is on advanced chemical oxidation techniques for treating industrial wastewater.”

“I joined the department because I am excit

Student Profile: Yin Liang

ACADEMICS Interested in materials science and sustainable energy, in particular hydrogen energy, as well as the social impact of technology. Thesis titled “Carbon Dioxide Removal in PEM Hydrogen Purification from Coal Reformate.” ADDITIONAL STUDIES Earned certificates in materials science, sustainable energy, Woodrow Wilson School, and Japanese language and culture. (“I am a devoted fan of Japanese arts and culture.”) EXTRACURRICULAR Co-founded the Princeton

Chiang works to keep the data flowing as our appetite for video grows

Mung Chiang and his team are using a miniaturized version of the global communications network, dubbed the EDGE Lab, to develop new ideas and systems that will help ensure that the networking infrastructure of the future will meet consumer demand.

Innovation Forum helps researchers turn inventions into businesses

The 6th Annual Innovation Forum awarded $40,000 to help tech innovations get closer to the marketplace.

Kay Ousterhout wins $250,000 Hertz fellowship for graduate study

Princeton University engineering senior, Kay Ousterhout has a new opportunity to deepen her passion for science after receiving $250,000 in no-strings-attached research funding.

Engineers without borders: Building community

The Princeton chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) returned to Huamanzaña, Peru, last
summer for their final visit to help the community.

Class introduces students to the art and engineering of tall buildings

A new Princeton engineering class focuses on the study of the relations of buildings,
space, time and societal dynamics.

Princeton engineers make breakthrough in ultra-sensitive sensor

Princeton researchers have invented an extremely sensitive sensor that opens up new ways to
detect a wide range of substances, from tell-tale signs of cancer to hidden explosives.