Florence Hudson '80 receives Society of Women Engineers' Upward Mobility Award

Florence Hudson '80 has received the 2008 Society of Women Engineers' Upward Mobility Award, which is given for exemplary business and technical leadership and serving as an outstanding mentor and model for women.

Jason Cummings *07 wins AISES Professional of the Year Award

Jason Cummings *07 has received the 2008 Professional of the Year award from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

Supercomputer draws David Keyes '78 to new Saudi Arabian university

David Keyes has joined the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia as division chair of mathematical and computer sciences and engineering. Keyes was formerly professor of applied physics and math at Columbia University.

Memoirs of a qubit: Hybrid memory solves key problem for quantum computing

An international team of scientists has performed the ultimate miniaturization of computer memory: storing information inside the nucleus of an atom. This breakthrough is a key step in bringing to life a quantum computer - a device based on the fundamental theory of quantum mechanics which could crack problems unsolvable by current technology.

John H. Brown '67 named regional president of Bausch and Lomb

This past August, John H. Brown became president of Bausch and Lomb's regional business operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and its corporate vice president.

Nelson awarded Packard Fellowship for Engineering and Science

Celeste Nelson, an assistant professor of chemical engineering, has been chosen for the 2008 Fellowship in Science and Engineering by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Job fair strong in tough times

The turnout of employers at Princeton's 2008 Science and Technology Job Fair Oct. 10 showed few signs of the current global financial crisis, offering hope to undergraduate and graduate students worried about their futures.

BP and Princeton renew partnership to tackle climate problem

Energy company BP has committed to a five-year renewal of a joint research partnership with Princeton University that identifies ways of tackling the world's climate problem. It will support Princeton to at least its current level of funding for the years 2011 to 2015.

Entrepreneurs explore India's growing economy

Deepak Sukh predicts his American-born children will one day work in India. He tells them that if the economy of the world's largest democracy blossoms as predicted in coming decades, opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs will abound.

Candela exhibition to explore intersection of art and engineering

At first glance, engineer Felix Candela's creations seem more like sculptures than buildings. Yet they are so sturdy that a group of students has spent the past three summers building models and studying how the Spanish-born Candela blended art and engineering.