Record-size class joins Princeton Engineering

The opening freshman enrollment for the School of Engineering and Applied Science is 333, nearly 25 percent more than the previous record in the fall of 2009.

High school students delve into theoretical computer science

Four university undergraduates and 16 high school students attended the Summer Program in
Theoretical Computer Science at Princeton. The program, intended to boost student interest and ability in
computer science, was sponsored by the National Science Foundation through the Center for Computational

Kulkarni takes helm at Keller Center

Sanjeev Kulkarni, an acclaimed teacher and engineer whose research ranges from signal processing to philosophy, has been appointed director of the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education.

Stuart Schwartz, leader in electrical engineering, dies

Stuart Schwartz, a pioneer of mathematical methods that led to techniques for efficiently transmitting information, and an instrumental force in building the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, died Saturday, Aug. 27.

Photonic neuron may compute a billion times faster than brain circuits

Princeton engineering students are participating in a research project to produce
fiber-optic-based computational devices that work similarly to neurons, but are a billion times faster.

Lynn Loo appointed deputy director of Andlinger Center

Professor Lynn Loo has been named deputy director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, with responsibility for developing programs that enrich the education and professional experiences of graduate students and post-docs and helping build external partnerships for the center.

Scientists shed light on the private lives of electrons

A Princeton researcher and his international collaborators have used lasers to peek into
the complex relationship between a single electron and its environment, a breakthrough that could aid the
development of quantum computers

Gift of $10 million endows Project X fund, giving freedom to 'tinkerers'

Seeking to provide "tinkerers" with freedom to explore hunches and passions, businesswoman and philanthropist Lynn Shostack has given $10 million to permanently endow the Project X innovation fund in Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Report: Direct removal of carbon dioxide from air likely not viable

Technologies for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere are unlikely to offer an
economically feasible way to slow human-driven climate change for several decades, according to a report
issued by the American Physical Society and led by Princeton engineer Robert Socolow.

Student Profile: Shelley Chan

Designed a control system for the ascent and descent stages for the upper stage of a horizontal launch and
re-entry vehicle. Applied this design to a reusable vehicle designed by Princeton Satellite Systems, which
seeks to produce the vehicle for a number of space agencies for easier launch and to act as a ferry from
Earth to the International Space Station..

“I’m really interested in aerospace systems designs—how spacecraft come
together and d