Student Profile: Jane Yang

Earned certificates in sustainable energy and engineering biology and pursued a thesis that combined both
these areas with materials science. Her thesis investigated how the nanostructure of ocean microorganisms
called diatoms contributes to their relatively high photosynthetic efficiency. The work could help design
energy-harvesting devices based on examples from nature.

“I am incredibly interested in international development and how it relates to sustainability, e

Student Profile: Christopher Tralie

ACADEMICS Computer graphics, digital signal processing, and robotics. For his independent work, Tralie developed a method to recognize and classify objects from LIDAR (an optical version of RADAR) data. He is starting with LIDAR scans of the city of Ottawa collected by Google. WHY “I decided to work with Professor Tom Funkhouser (computer science) after taking his computer graphics course. I had such an amazing experience in that class and was so enthralled with the material that

Student Profile: Valentina Shin

ACADEMICS “For my junior independent work and senior thesis, I have been working on analyzing fracture patterns in wall paintings excavated from the archaeological site in Thera (modern-day Santorini, Greece). I am trying to develop a model about how the fresco broke and simulate the fracture process. The results will help us to guide fragment reconstruction algorithms for other broken frescoes.” WHY “I really liked working on a project where I could actually see the o

Student Profile: Molly O'Connor

“My two favorite classes have been CEE 307 Field Ecohydrology (which is taught in Kenya, where I
spent the spring semester of my junior year) and CEE 305 Environ-mental Fluid Mechanics. My independent work
is on turbulence in a sparse plant canopy. I conducted field research in Kenya to begin this project. The
summer before my junior year I worked in Botswana with Professor Kelly Caylor’s group (with
funding from the University’s Grand Challenges initiative). For

Student Profile: Katie Hsih

Using mathematical techniques called stochastic dynamic programming to analyze medical treatment decisions
and health outcomes for diabetes patients.

Earned certificates in global health and health policy, and engineering biology.

After spending two summers in Sierra Leone working with a nongovernmental health organization, Hsih won a
ReachOut 56 fellowship to spend a year in that country after graduation serving as program manage

Student Profile: Katherine Song

Working in Professor Sigurd Wagner’s lab with funding from Universal Display Corporation, Song
worked on thin-film transistors that include a hybrid insulator to combine the performance of inorganic
materials with the flexibility of organic materials. She also worked with Wagner and Assistant Professor
Naveen Verma on large-area, amorphous silicon-based circuits for a structural health-monitoring system.
Their system combines nanoscale integrated circuits, which of

Student Profile: Shelley Chan

Designed a control system for the ascent and descent stages for the upper stage of a horizontal launch and
re-entry vehicle. Applied this design to a reusable vehicle designed by Princeton Satellite Systems, which
seeks to produce the vehicle for a number of space agencies for easier launch and to act as a ferry from
Earth to the International Space Station..

“I’m really interested in aerospace systems designs—how spacecraft come
together and d

Student Profile: Alex Faust

“My senior thesis involves transportation systems analysis—in particular, it studies
methods for optimizing evacuations under large-scale disaster scenarios.”

Earned certificates in finance and engineering management systems.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning the wide applications that the department has in both
operations research and financial engineering problems.”

Princeton University I

Student Profile: Kay Ousterhout

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH With research interests centering on computer systems and networking, Ousterhout has worked in the research groups of two faculty members and pursued projects ranging from supporting a clean-slate Internet architecture to implementing distributed multipath techniques for managing Internet traffic. After Princeton, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science. ADDITIONAL STUDIES “I also am interested in visual arts. Drawing and painting courses have been amo

Student Profile: Nizette Edwards

“Some of the most interesting classes I’ve taken here have been in the chemistry
department. I work as a chemistry peer tutor, helping those who are struggling in their freshman chemistry
classes.” Earned a certificate in materials science and in engineering and sustainable energy.

“When I applied to Princeton University, I knew that I wanted to be a chemical engineer. It’s
fast-paced and exciting, and I like that I can apply my knowledge of t