Anderson gift supports professorship in energy and environment

A new professorship endowed by a gift from Dwight Anderson, a 1989 Princeton alumnus, is part of the University's comprehensive initiative to address critical issues of energy and the environment in the 21st century. The Anderson Family Professorship in Energy and the Environment will support a tenured faculty member in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Gift of $100 million to transform energy and environment research at Princeton

Gerhard R. (Gerry) Andlinger, an alumnus and noted international business executive, has made a gift to Princeton University to accelerate research on effective and sustainable solutions to problems of energy and the environment. Princeton will use the gift, which will total $100 million, to create the Gerhard R. Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment within the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Princeton launches Program in Sustainable Energy to address global need

With the energy crisis becoming ever more urgent, Princeton has established a new Program in Sustainable Energy to provide students with the quantitative skills and interdisciplinary perspective needed to develop innovative energy systems for the future.

Trap and zap: Harnessing the power of light to pattern surfaces on the nanoscale

Princeton engineers have invented an affordable technique that uses lasers and plastic beads to create the ultrasmall features that are needed for new generations of microchips.

Women in theoretical computer science gather at Princeton

Responding to the need for more women in theoretical computer science, Princeton University hosted the Women in Theory Workshop from June 14 to 18 to bring together female graduate students and leading researchers in the field.

Engineering alumni take on new leadership positions

Four Engineering alumni take on new leadership positions.

New members of the engineering faculty for 2008

New faculty for the Fall of 2008.

The Princeton synthesis: Art meets engineering in flagship courses

In a recent class of "Structures and the Urban Environment," Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering David Billington used the tale of one bridge to weave together information about the history of Switzerland, the legend of William Tell, the economic importance of a pass between Southern Germany and Milan, and the engineering principles behind it all.

New eyes on a career: Optics course exposed all students to research

The students in Claire Gmachl's introductory course on optics design sophisticated technology, including optical wireless instant messaging systems, but they're learning much more than engineering.

Computing pioneer prepares students to be 'intelligently skeptical'

Comparative literature major Christina Lara enrolled in "Computers in Our World" during her senior year at Princeton after deciding that she needed to become an informed citizen of the 21st century.