Study scrutinizes hidden marketing relationships on social media

Federal regulators require social media personalities to alert their viewers to promotional payments for products and gadgets shown on their channels, but an analysis by Princeton University researchers shows that such disclosures are rare.

Enzymes, evolution and engineering with Nobel laureate Frances Arnold

In a few days, Princeton alumna Frances Arnold and the other 2018 Nobel laureates will be celebrated at a ceremony in Stockholm. Nobel week kicks off Thursday, Dec. 6, with an event at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and continues with lectures, a day-long seminar, concerts and, finally, an awards ceremony and banquet Dec. 10.

Funkhouser recognized for computer graphics research

Thomas Funkhouser, the David M. Siegel '83 Professor in Computer Science, has been named a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery, the leading association in computer science. He was recognized by the ACM for his contribution to computer graphics.   

Researchers peel off slimy biofilms like old stickers

Slimy, hard-to-clean bacterial mats called biofilms cause problems ranging from medical infections to clogged drains and fouled industrial equipment. Now, researchers at Princeton have found a way to cleanly and completely peel off these notorious sludges.

Sau-Hai (Harvey) Lam, leading theoretician of fluid mechanics and esteemed mentor, dies at 87

Sau-Hai (Harvey) Lam, who developed influential theories in fluid mechanics, combustion and plasma dynamics and helped shape engineering education at Princeton, died Oct. 29 in Plainsboro, New Jersey. He was 87.

Data-driven problem-solving, 'the modern form of a liberal education'

Ronnie Sircar, chair and professor of operations research and financial engineering (ORFE), speaks about new courses and expanding opportunities to tackle complex problems using data and computation.

Burdine and Weber named AAAS Fellows

Princeton University faculty members Rebecca Burdine and Elke Weber have been named 2018 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for their scientifically or socially distinguished work.

New tools illuminate the liquid forces at play in living cells

Creating new tools that harness light to probe the mysteries of cellular behavior, Princeton researchers have made discoveries about the formation of cellular components called membraneless organelles and the key role these organelles play in cells.


Graduate student Montaño López awarded Mexico's top honor for academic achievement

First-year graduate student José de Jesús Montaño López has received Mexico's 2018 National Youth Award, the highest honor given by the government to its citizens under 30 years old.

John Thomas, mentor in engineering that led to modern information age, dies at 93

John B. Thomas, a pioneer in the field of information theory who mentored generations of leaders, including two deans of engineering at Princeton and a founder of the internet, died Sept. 13 in Hanover, New Hampshire. He was 93 years old.