Tiny bubbles play a big role in oceans and wine glasses

Researchers have described the jet velocity of bursting bubbles that create aerosols of seawater, wine and other fluids.

Microsoft president Smith: World must ‘wake up’ to benefits and perils of artificial intelligence

Microsoft President Brad Smith on Thursday, March 1, called for standards of accountability and a “Hippocratic oath” among technologists to do no harm with the emerging tools.

Students honor faculty, grad students for excellence in teaching

Princeton engineering student organizations honored faculty members and graduate teaching assistants last week in the annual School of Engineering and Applied Science Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Martonosi helps lead major push to make quantum computing practical

A Princeton University professor will serve as a lead investigator in a new, $10 million National Science Foundation effort to jump-start the development of quantum computing. The multi-institutional research team will attempt to reach goals in five years that were originally thought to be decades away.

Computer Science senior Berman wins Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Princeton University seniors Adam Berman and Kaamya Varagur have been awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarships. The awards give outstanding students from outside the United Kingdom the opportunity to pursue postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge.

Alumnus steers Ph.D. research into self-driving vehicles job

Chenyi Chen has moved from Ph.D. research at Princeton to helping colleagues at NVIDIA build smart cars.

Wearable devices could diagnose illness as it emerges

Princeton engineers are working to take the technology of wearable medical sensors one step further by developing software that could one day use multiple health clues from wearable sensors to diagnose myriad diseases in real-time.

Video from Davos: Princeton Engineering faculty

Faculty from the School of Engineering and Applied Science were among the Princeton University delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. Below are some videos from the event.

Celeste Nelson, inspired by her students and the beauty of science

Professor Celeste Nelson finds beauty in all living organisms. Inspired by an organism’s unique forms, she is drawn to the compelling images produced during the course of her research on tissue and organ development.

Martonosi wins IEEE Technical Achievement Award

Professor Margaret Martonosi has been selected to receive the IEEE Computer Society 2018 Technical Achievement Award, “for contributions to power-aware computing and energy-constrained mobile sensor networks.”