Engineering alumni take on new leadership positions

Four Engineering alumni take on new leadership positions.

New members of the engineering faculty for 2008

New faculty for the Fall of 2008.

New eyes on a career: Optics course exposed all students to research

The students in Claire Gmachl's introductory course on optics design sophisticated technology, including optical wireless instant messaging systems, but they're learning much more than engineering.

The Princeton synthesis: Art meets engineering in flagship courses

In a recent class of "Structures and the Urban Environment," Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering David Billington used the tale of one bridge to weave together information about the history of Switzerland, the legend of William Tell, the economic importance of a pass between Southern Germany and Milan, and the engineering principles behind it all.

Computing pioneer prepares students to be 'intelligently skeptical'

Comparative literature major Christina Lara enrolled in "Computers in Our World" during her senior year at Princeton after deciding that she needed to become an informed citizen of the 21st century.

Faculty Awards

Faculty award briefs for EQuad News Summer 2008

Alumni Awards and Honors

Alumni awards and honor for EQuad News Summer 2008

Tough but popular: Cinlar enlivens probability theory

One of the most challenging courses on campus also happens to be one of the most popular: Erhan Cinlar's ORF 309, "Probability and Stochastic Systems."

Crossing disciplines, student tracks winged enemy of public health

Rachel Sealfon spent her senior year as a detective hot on the trail of a major public enemy -- Plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest malaria-causing parasite.

East Asian studies aid research on pollution and rainfall in China

Raleigh Martin made sure nothing was lost in translation when he used his expertise in Chinese language and culture to further his technical research on air pollution and precipitation in Beijing.