Princeton admits diverse group of engineering grad students

Graduate students enrolling in Princeton's six engineering departments this fall represent a great diversity of backgrounds and include 27 percent women.

Littman conducts alumni on a model train adventure

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of his course on microprocessors, Michael Littman treated the young and the young at heart to a mini-tutorial in train signal processing at the 2006 Princeton Reunions.

New engineering center to transform sensor technology

The National Science Foundation has funded a multimillion-dollar Engineering Research Center based at Princeton University that is expected to revolutionize sensor technology, yielding devices that have a unique ability to detect minute amounts of chemicals found in the atmosphere, emitted from factories or exhaled in human breath.

Carter shapes future breakthroughs, one atom at a time, one student at a time

From the June 5, 2006, Princeton Weekly Bulletin Emily Carter wrestles with a world so tiny that if you were to hold it in your hand you could not feel it or see it. Yet the type of work she does, as a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has the potential for large-scale transformations. “In contrast to traditional mechanical engineering, which tends to focus on the macroscopic world, Emily’s interest is more in the microscopic world, which is a new trend that w

Undergraduates win $10,000 Entrepreneurship Prize

Three Princeton undergraduates have won a $10,000 prize granted for the best business plan at an annual conference held by the Princeton Entrepreneurs' Network (PrincetonEN).

Engineering faculty honored for distinguished teaching and research

Princeton University bestowed its highest teaching award on chemical engineering Professor Sankaran (Sundar) Sundaresan during commencement ceremonies June 6, praising him for an unfailing dedication to illuminating complex subjects for students.

Engineering school honors top graduates and distinguished faculty

Members of this year's class of graduating engineering students are leaving Princeton with impressive records of accomplishments and ambitious plans for the future, Dean H. Vincent Poor told students and their families during the engineering Class Day ceremony Monday, June 5.

Former Lockheed CEO sparks spirited discussion on future of science and technology

A panel of distinguished scientists at Princeton joined industry visionary Norman Augustine June 2 in a lively discussion of the significance of a recently issued report on the future of U.S. competitiveness in science and technology.

Tim Baker, creator of computer models for aerodynamics, dies

Tim Baker, creator of computer models for aerodynamics, dies

New look at old construction technique could yield cleaner water

Just a few years ago, Bernice Rosenzweig wasn’t quite sure what engineers did and never encountered them. Now a second year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rosenzweig is seeking to engineer a new approach to improving water quality.