Ethics course explores risk and responsibility in engineering

Jay Benziger teaches the undergraduate course “Ethics and Technology: Engineering in the Real World.” Unlike the certainty of bench science, he noted that questions of ethics often lack precise answers.

Researchers track hurricane’s effects on river pollution and beneficial bacteria

Peter Jaffe’s research group in civil and environmental engineering are investigating nutrient cycling and pollution along North Carolina's Neuse River in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

From mechanics and materials to robots and rockets, a department with outsized ‘intellectual breadth and impact’

Howard Stone, the Donald R. Dixon '69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and chair of the department, highlights innovative faculty and students, and research that bridges many fields of science and engineering.

From math to meaning: Artificial intelligence blends algorithms and applications

Through advances in computer science, researchers are creating new capabilities that have the potential to improve our lives in ways we have yet to imagine. Princeton researchers are at the forefront of this research, from the theoretical underpinnings to the new apps and devices to the ethical considerations.

Expanding an innovation ecosystem: Princeton leads the way in 2018

The year 2018 represented a pivotal point in the development of an innovation ecosystem in the heart of New Jersey as Princeton University established significant new collaborations with pioneering members of industry — all with the aim of bolstering the resources available to researchers and scientists in their quest to make new discoveries in the service of society.

New first-year courses integrate foundational math and physics with modern engineering challenges

A new sequence of courses for first-year undergraduates in the School of Engineering and Applied Science present the same math and physics as more traditional course offerings, but place a greater emphasis on problem-solving in the context of modern engineering challenges.

Google to open artificial intelligence lab in Princeton and collaborate with University researchers

Two Princeton University computer science professors will lead a new Google AI lab opening in January in the town of Princeton. The lab is expected to expand New Jersey’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem by building a collaborative effort to advance research in artificial intelligence.

Study scrutinizes hidden marketing relationships on social media

Federal regulators require social media personalities to alert their viewers to promotional payments for products and gadgets shown on their channels, but an analysis by Princeton University researchers shows that such disclosures are rare.

Enzymes, evolution and engineering with Nobel laureate Frances Arnold

In a few days, Princeton alumna Frances Arnold and the other 2018 Nobel laureates will be celebrated at a ceremony in Stockholm. Nobel week kicks off Thursday, Dec. 6, with an event at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and continues with lectures, a day-long seminar, concerts and, finally, an awards ceremony and banquet Dec. 10.