Making better choices, from power to payloads

Mathematical optimization aids many industries.

Class of 2021 asked to help create a better world

Representatives of the faculty welcomed the centennial class to the School of Engineering and Applied Science on Monday afternoon, with Dean Emily A. Carter calling on members of the class to “create a better world for all of its people.”

Teachers' passion helps set life trajectories

Four engineering professors -- Amir Ahmadi, Michael Celia, Howard Stone and Sankaran Sundaresan -- were recognized for outstanding teaching in the 2017 graduation ceremonies.

Class Day celebrates graduates for innovation, inspiration and service

Members of the Class of 2017 marked a long list of achievements over their four years at Princeton from developing new ways to deliver anti-malarial drugs, to creating software that measures the stability of masonry arches, to building an app that uses a smartphone to measure the speed of a fastball.

FinTech conference examines the future of investing

The four-university rotating conference on FinTech brings together leading academic researchers and practitioners to take a critical look at this revolution. Do the systems really work? Are they a good value? What are the risks?

Innovations Build Intelligent Cities

Rather than repeat the sprawling and uncoordinated development patterns of the past, researchers at Princeton's School of Engineering and Applied Science and School of Architecture are exploring new ways to build urban infrastructures to serve our growing population, changing civilization and warming planet.

Three engineering faculty win Sloan Fellowships

Three Princeton Engineering members were among six researchers from Princeton University named as 2017 Sloan Research Fellows.

Capstone classes focus knowledge through challenging projects

Engineering departments all feature capstone classes that require students to focus their knowledge gained at Princeton on a challenging project. Computer scientists develop apps; electrical engineers build robots; and operations research and financial engineering majors create business strategies for a simulated orange juice market. Professor Yannis Kevrekidis, who teaches the capstone course in chemical and biological engineering, dubbed the projects “a dress rehearsal for the real world

Optimization expert helps Brazil with electricity supply problems

The historic drought that parched Brazil over the last two years was not just a water-supply problem — it was also a power problem. The nation's heavy use of hydroelectricity, which had made it a model of renewable energy, contributed to rolling blackouts in some of Brazil's largest cities during severe droughts. Now, Princeton researchers are joining colleagues at a Brazilian university to help the operator of Brazil's electric grid and the country's major utilities de

New math lets data take the lead

Big data, the use of powerful computation to find insights in massive fields of information, is in many ways a new science. As such, Han Liu said, it requires a new approach in mathematics. “Things are starting to change and change fundamentally,” said Liu, an assistant professor of operations research and financial engineering. For centuries, science has followed the same pattern: Scientists make conjectures, test them, and try to disprove their hypotheses. Big Data has changed