Engineer helps industry chart energy resources

The realization that wind turbines and freight trains have a lot in common changed the trajectory of Warren Powell's career. After decades of work making the transportation industry more competitive and environmentally friendly, Powell has turned his attention to the energy industry. "It's all about resource allocation, whether you need to assign trains better or need to decide how many wind turbines to keep running."

Celebrating 10 years of operations research and financial engineering

The complexity of today's problems – from financial markets to national security – demand more quantitative thinking and better assessments of risk, business leader John Drzik told attendees of the 10-year anniversary celebration of Princeton's Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering.

Early career awards honor young faculty members

Young faculty members who are pioneering new areas of communications networks, environmental sensing and other fields have received numerous awards for outstanding contributions early in their careers. Mung Chiang, associate professor of electrical engineering, received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from the White House. He was one of only sixty-seven scientists who received the prestigious awards at a ceremony held at the White House last December. Chiang was

Sherrerd funds new building at intersection of engineering and social science

A major donation to the University by the late John J.F. Sherrerd, a 1952 alumnus and longtime Princeton supporter, has funded construction of a building for emerging fields of study at the intersection of engineering and the social sciences.

Princeton's newest building a study in light

Princeton's newest building, a deceptively simple glass cube nestled into the east side of campus, dissolves into the silhouette of nearby sycamore trees and the fiery clouds of a late summer sunset.

New members of the engineering faculty for 2008

New faculty for the Fall of 2008.

Business of life: High-tech entrepreneurship is about more than the next-big-thing

Ed Zschau wants people to know the truth: "High-Tech Entrepreneurship," the immensely popular upperlevel engineering course he teaches, isn't really about engineering. It's about life.

Tough but popular: Cinlar enlivens probability theory

One of the most challenging courses on campus also happens to be one of the most popular: Erhan Cinlar's ORF 309, "Probability and Stochastic Systems."

From ice cream to vaccines, course teaches 'learning'

When students get their hands on Peter Frazier's research, they use it for everything from planning a more profitable ice cream business to designing space ships. But Frazier likes explain his work this way: Suppose you have just moved to Manhattan and are trying to figure out the fastest way to get from your new apartment to your new job. You search the Internet and find a number of different routes. Which path is best? Is it better to ride your bike or take a bus? How likely is it that you

Faculty Awards

Faculty award briefs for EQuad News Summer 2008