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  • webcam collage of five REU scholars smiling

    Princeton and Intel join forces to create a more inclusive research-career pipeline

    Intel and Princeton Engineering team up in pilot program to introduce talented young scientists from underrepresented backgrounds to some of the most exciting challenges in computer security and privacy research.

  • Portrait

    Inspired by mentors, molecular biologist pursues mysteries of the cell

    Sofia Quinodoz, a postdoctoral research fellow in chemical and biological engineering, reflects on her career path, her research, and the importance of role models and mentors.

  • Portrait

    Aspiring engineer designs new machines, boosts other students’ dreams

    Jose Ayala Garcia, a senior concentrating in mechanical and aerospace engineering, reflects on his background, service activities and engineering internships.

  • Portrait

    Social computing researcher views code as an engine for change

    Andrés Monroy-Hernández, assistant professor of computer science, reflects on career and heritage.

  • Portrait

    Civil engineer connects materials research to sustainability — and her family’s history

    Karina Alventosa, a Ph.D. student in civil and environmental engineering, reflects on her career path, graduate research and leadership roles at Princeton.

  • Screenshot with two people

    Innovation Forum spotlights innovation from STEM to humanities

    A genetically encoded and ecologically safe sunscreen and a center to enable cross-sector research collaboration were the two ideas winning top prizes in Princeton University’s 16th Annual Innovation Forum.

  • Cookies: Tech Security & Privacy, Episode 2, Ruby Lee. Image of a cookie with a lock on it.

    Tech Consumers Should Demand Better Security: Ruby Lee, Princeton University

    As a chief computer architect at Hewlett-Packard in the 1980s, Ruby Lee was a leader in changing the way computers are built, simplifying their core instructions so they could do more.

  • man stands while people applaud

    Nobel Prize in physics highlights legacy of environmental research

    When Nobel laureate Syukuro "Suki" Manabe came to Princeton in 1968, he joined the faculty of the School of Engineering and Applied Science in what was then the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences. His arrival was part of long and profound legacy in the department and school of understanding and addressing changes to the global climate.

  • Cookies: Tech Security & Privacy, Episode 1, Barton Gellman. Image of a cookie with a lock on it.

    Barton Gellman deletes his account

    To kick off the second season of Cookies, we’re honored to welcome Pulitzer Prize winner Barton Gellman, Princeton Class of 1982, who will discuss what digital privacy means to him.

  • Microscope images of iron phthalocyanine molecules before and after removal of carbon monoxide

    Researchers measure the breakup of a single chemical bond

    Using advanced microscopy techniques at Princeton University, researchers have recorded the breaking of a single chemical bond between a carbon atom and an iron atom on different molecules.