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  • Woman in lab wearing lab coat and eye protection holds test tube. She is seen in profile.

    New regional Princeton-led innovation hub to accelerate tech, enhance diversity in entrepreneurship

    Aiming to accelerate the transformation of scientific discoveries into technologies that improve everyday lives, a Princeton University-led consortium of regional universities will form a new innovation network with a $15 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

  • two interlocked peptide rings

    Researchers invent world's smallest biomechanical linkage

    Researchers at Princeton University have built the world's smallest mechanically interlocked biological structure, a deceptively simple two-ring chain made from tiny strands of amino acids called peptides. A paper published August 23 in Nature Chemistry detailed a library of such structures made in their lab—two interlocked rings, a ring on a dumbbell, a daisy chain and an interlocked double lasso.

  • landscape with clouds and forest

    Planting forests may cool the planet more than thought

    A new study shows that cloud cover associated with forested areas means that reforestation would likely be more effective at cooling the Earth's atmosphere than previously believed.

  • Words "Commendation for Outstanding Teaching" over prismatic orange gradient

    Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

    Outstanding teaching during the spring 2021 semester: Dean Andrea Goldsmith and Vice Dean Antoine Kahn are proud to recognize the following faculty, as determined by overall course ratings by students.

  • Side-by-side portraits of a woman with long dark hair and a woman with short light hair

    Lynn Loo steps down as Andlinger Center director to lead global center for decarbonizing shipping

    Lynn Loo, will step down as director and join the newly founded Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation, based in Singapore, as its first chief executive officer. Claire Gmachl, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering and associate chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will serve as the interim director of the Andlinger Center.

  • researcher's gloved hands

    Technology for room temperature vaccines a finalist in accelerator program

    The Princeton-led team's method is one of 12 technologies selected for development through the Philadelphia-based University City Science Center.

  • E100 poster

    The Early Years: A Few Questions and Answers

    In Part One of #100Years100Facts, we learn about the founding of the School of Engineering, the people who took the initiative to give engineering a home of its own at Princeton, and some of our first faculty who left a lasting mark on society. Keep following this series as we present a look at a full century of growth, discovery, and contributions to humanity by the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

  • George Beggs

    Part Two: The Early Years: They Said It

    In Part Two of #100Years100Facts, we hear the (written) voices of some of our founders, and learn what values served as the foundation for the Princeton School of Engineering.

  • tiny swimming constructs move

    New method found for moving tiny artificial swimmers

    Princeton researchers have debuted a novel way of generating and potentially controlling locomotion in tiny objects called artificial swimmers. These swimmers have sparked considerable interest for their potential applications in medicine, industry, and other sectors.

  • Julie Kim, left, a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering, in the lab of Catherine Peters, right.

    Part Three: The Value of Mentorship

    In Part Three of #100Years100Facts, we examine the mentor-student connections that link one generation to another at Princeton Engineering.