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  • Farmland at sunset.

    Shared prosperity is key to clean energy transition, say experts at E-ffiliates retreat

    To successfully slash greenhouse emissions, the United States must ensure rural communities benefit from producing solar, wind, biofuels and other low-carbon fuels, panelists said at the annual Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership Retreat on June 3.

  • landscape image of river

    Comparison of continental hydrological models helps improve water management

    A project led by Princeton University researchers undertook the Herculean task of checking two continental-scale hydrological models against each other to ensure that scientists and policymakers are working from consistent, accurate data when it comes to managing the nation’s water budget.

  • Portraits of two professors

    Endowed professorships honor excellence in computing systems, operations research

    Two engineering faculty members have been named to endowed professorships, effective July 1: Michael Freedman of computer science and Ronnie Sircar of operations research and financial engineering.

  • Before-and-after images of computer vision technology showing a city street in heavy snow

    Metropolis Project backs solutions for safer, more resilient cities

    Princeton’s Metropolis Project has awarded a new set of grants to investigate how pollutants move through cities; improve prediction of storm hazards; and test new technologies to prevent coastal flooding, harness solar energy, and help autonomous vehicles navigate in adverse weather.

  • artists concept of new research initiative

    Princeton team and Mozilla launch technology policy research initiative

    Researchers from Princeton and Mozilla have developed a platform that allows academic researchers to run large-scale field studies on the web and examine how changes in user experiences might impact policy issues.

  • illustration of bias in vision

    Shared expectations help shape visual memory

    By having thousands of people play the visual equivalent of the "telephone game," where errors accumulate as a message is passed on, Princeton researchers have gathered new insights into the human visual system.

  • Datta portrait

    Pew names soft matter expert Sujit Datta to biomedical scholars program

    The Pew Charitable Trust has named soft matter expert Sujit Datta to the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences, one of 22 early-career researchers selected for the 2021 cohort.

  • city skyline

    Study shows how cities can consider race and income in household energy efficiency programs

    A study offers a roadmap for cities to address inequalities in energy use by providing fine-grained methods for measuring both income and racial disparities in energy use intensity.

  • shapes made with ribbon-like strips

    Technique inspired by lace making could someday weave structures in space

    Bigon rings are the term for surprising structures discovered in a collaboration of an architect and engineers. These rings, inspired by traditional lace making, can be stable and strong in multiple configurations and the numerical framework behind the discovery could be applied to any network of elastic rods, whether thread, bamboo or plastic.

  • Portrait

    Computer scientist thrives in supportive academic community

    Aarti Gupta, professor of computer science, reflects on career and heritage.