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  • Researcher with computer hardware

    Design allows computer engineers to mix systems to boost performance

    A team at Princeton University has built a hardware platform that allows different kinds of computer cores to fit together, allowing designers to customize systems in new ways.

  • Portrait of researcher

    A systems-level approach to sustainability helps cities work better for people and the planet

    For Anu Ramaswami, an environmental engineer with a longstanding interest in social science and policy, advancing sustainability and improving human wellbeing go hand in hand.

  • Four portraits of the speakers in this panel

    Valedictorian Johnson, faculty, alumni discuss the power of mentorship

    Since his selection as Princeton's first black valedictorian, Nicholas Johnson has spoken eloquently about the importance of role models and mentors to his success at the University.

    On Wednesday, June 3, Johnson explored this topic in greater depth during a panel titled "The Power of Mentors: Blazing Paths for Underrepresented Minorities in STEM."

  • Dancers in a net

    Funding the next big idea: New projects receive Dean for Research Innovation awards

    Several projects that push the boundaries of knowledge and have high potential for impact have been awarded support through Princeton's Dean for Research Innovation Fund.

  • image of electric grid

    Risk experts quantify reliability of renewables, helping grid operators and spurring investors

    Transitioning electricity grids to renewable sources of energy involves building more solar and wind farms, but also requires new mathematical tools to plan around the unpredictably intermittent nature of sun and wind, according to researchers recently awarded a $3.5-million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop such tools.

  • Class Day 2020 award recipients

    Graduates recognized for innovation, service and perseverance

    The School of Engineering and Applied Science virtually celebrated its 2020 Class Day ceremony, with interim Dean H. Vincent Poor commending graduates for courage and determination during a difficult time.

  • Graphic image with words Junior Faculty Awards 2020

    Junior faculty awards recognize outstanding teaching and research

    The School of Engineering and Applied Science is honoring six assistant professors for early-career excellence in research and teaching. This year's junior faculty award recipients will each receive $50,000 to support their research.

  • Researcher using a syringe in a laboratory

    Senior thesis project probes intricacies of groundwater cleanup

    Audrey Shih's thesis focused on specially formulated chain-like molecules called polymers that can help flush contaminants from hard-to-reach crevices in underground aquifers. How these polymers move through porous rocks to dislodge pollutants - and why they are more effective in some settings than in others - is not well understood.

  • AI tool gives doctors a new look at the lungs in treating COVID-19

    Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, Princeton researchers have developed a diagnostic tool to analyze chest x-rays for patterns in diseased lungs. The new tool could give doctors valuable information about a patient's condition, quickly and cheaply, at the point of care.

  • Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy

    Double helix of masonry - researchers uncover the secret of Italian renaissance domes

    Researchers from Princeton and the University of Bergamo have uncovered the secret of Italian renaissance domes by mathematically proving the structural physics that underlies masonry cupolas like that of the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy, a World Heritage site. The research not only provides fundamental understanding but also aids preservation efforts, and can be used in future technologies that utilize drones for construction.