Graduate students enrolling in Princeton’s six engineering departments this fall represent a great diversity of backgrounds and include 27 percent women.

“We are very happy with the number, quality and diversity of the students who applied to Princeton Engineering and who accepted our offers of admission this year this year,” said Stephen Friedfeld, associate dean for graduate affairs at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. “The departments were able to choose from many outstanding candidates.”

The engineering departments accepted 295 of the 1,673 students who applied for doctoral or master’s programs. A total of 121 have chosen to enroll at Princeton in the fall, and 33 of these new graduate students are women.

Last year, the number of applications was lower, 1,483. The group that enrolled last fall included 23 percent women.

Other statistics related to this fall’s incoming graduate students: 67 are from foreign countries, and 13 percent of U.S. students are underrepresented minorities. In the Department of Chemical Engineering, seven of 14 incoming students are women.

Among the 63 entering students who graduated from American colleges and universities, 37 percent, are from public institutions.

“Bringing together students who are not only exceptionally talented but also represent a wide variety of backgrounds and viewpoints is a major goal for Princeton Engineering,” said Dean of Engineering H. Vincent Poor. “The big problems facing businesses and all society today cannot be solved with a monolithic culture. We are proud of the success we have achieved in promoting diversity and will continue to work hard to make further improvements.”


  • H. Vincent Poor