Two researchers observe a cement tablet cracking as it flexes in the center.

From seashells to cement, nature inspires tougher building material

Two researchers observe a cement tablet cracking as it flexes in the center.

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  • Portrait of Janet Blume.
    Undergraduate Alumni

    Janet Blume ’82 on her introduction to engineering at Princeton

  • Portrait of Marcel Dall’Agnol.

    Marcel Dall’Agnol on theoretical computer science and ‘really cool math’

  • Portrait of Valeria Saro-Cortes.
    Graduate Student

    Valeria Saro-Cortes: Learning from a robotic model of flying fish


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  • Portrait of Mittal.

    Prateek Mittal wins ACM Grace Hopper Award for enhancing internet privacy and security

  • Four researchers standing in front of a computer server with wires showing.

    TANGO gives paired networks better performance when they dance to their own tune

  • Colorful wall of robotic flowers, backlit.

    Swarm Garden brings robotic flowers to life

  • A person (face not visible) wearing a white lab coat and blue disposable gloves holds a square lab plate in their left hand. Their right hand holds a pair of tweezers which they are using to pick up one of several small green plants on the plate.

    Since 2008, innovation funds have fostered research in AI fairness, sustainable agriculture, drug discovery and more

  • A female student floating upside down on a zero-gravity flight, giving a thumbs-up with her left hand and holding a piece of hardware for testing in her right hand.

    These Princeton students are raising the bar for accessible satellite technology

  • An artist rendering of a tokamak surrounded by equations and calculations.

    AI approach elevates plasma performance and stability across fusion devices

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  • June 25

    11:00 am

    A.I. Platforms in Action: Understanding Azure OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, and GCP Gemini A.I.

  • June 25

    2:30 pm

    Introduction to Programming Using Python (Parts 1, 2, and 3)

  • July 09

    2:30 pm

    Introduction to GPU Computing

  • July 18

    10:30 am

    Tiger Challenge: Social Impact Showcase

  • July 30

    10:00 am

    Summer 2024 Software Engineering Summer School, Part 1

  • July 30

    2:30 pm

    eLab Demo Day 2024: Princeton