Woman handles strings to extract lithium salts.

Better lithium production on a string

Woman handles strings to extract lithium salts.

Princeton Engineers

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  • Graduate Student

    Camila Llerena-Olivera: Researching water quality in Peru and beyond

  • Faculty

    Arvind Narayanan: Leading in a challenging time for tech

  • Alumni

    Anna Broome ’18: Using radar to peer beneath ice sheets


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  • Three head-and-shoulders portraits.

    Princeton expands its commitment to research and education in quantum science and engineering

  • Andrea Goldsmith addressing students at opening ceremony.

    Dean welcomes students to an exciting era for engineering

  • Linking two solar technologies is a win-win for efficiency and stability

  • Four graduate students gather around professor Jeff Thompson in the lab, with a quantum computer behind them and figures displayed on the screen.

    A new route to a quantum internet

  • Three people in a room with industrial equipment. Two are looking up at machines in front of them; the other is looking at the people next to him and smiling.

    Formerly incarcerated students dive into engineering research

  • Flat synthetic diamond illuminated by green laser light

    Four engineering professors receive Moore Foundation experimental physics awards


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  • September 27

    12:00 pm

    Heterogeneous Catalysis by Mineral Surface in Prebiotic Chemistry and the Transition from Geochemistry to Biochemistry

  • September 27

    12:00 pm

    Negotiating Just and Equal Cities

  • September 27

    4:00 pm

    Decoding Human Gut Microbiome Interaction Networks for Precision Therapeutics

  • September 29

    8:30 am

    Princeton Precision Health – Fall Symposium Program

  • October 02

    4:30 pm

    The In-plane Photoelectric Effect – A New Opportunity for Efficient Terahertz Detection.

  • October 02

    5:00 pm

    The Promise and Perils of Non-Disclosure Agreements