The Keller Center seeks to prepare all students – both engineers and non-engineers – to be leaders in an increasingly complex, technology-driven society. The center is creating new courses and strengthening existing ones that go beyond purely technical subjects to provide students a broader understanding of the global economic, environmental and cultural forces that shape and are shaped by technology. At the same time, the center is improving students’ technical education by exposing them to real engineering projects throughout their four years, through internships, entrepreneurial opportunities, and multidisciplinary courses.

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  • Two students stand at a podium during a presentation

    Haerther fellowship program prepares students to tackle society’s most challenging problems

  • Two students talk in front of large white board covered with sticky notes and writing.

    ‘Impact far greater than they imagined’

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • Researcher wearing goggles operates a laser surrounded by lab equipment

    Turning breakthroughs into lasting solutions

  • Andrea Goldsmith addressing students at opening ceremony.

    Dean welcomes students to an exciting era for engineering

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching


  • March 20

    4:30 pm

    Too Big, Too Complex, Too Unjust: Design, Scale and the Unmaking of the Present

  • March 22

    12:00 pm

    Open House for the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

  • March 27

    4:30 pm

    How to Change the World in Nine (Not So Easy) Questions

  • April 05

    12:30 pm

    Mapping Entrepreneurial Women of Color: From Pastry Chefs to Washerwomen in 1855 Charleston, South Carolina

  • April 11

    4:30 pm

    Library as Design Ecology

  • April 24

    12:30 pm

    History and Legacy of Black Entrepreneurship Spring Roundtable

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