Dale Grieb Safety Award

In honor of the late Dale Grieb, Safety Officer and Director of Administration and Services for SEAS, the Dale Grieb Safety Award recognizes members of the SEAS community who have made a substantive & positive contribution to improving laboratory and/or workplace safety within the School. This annual award recognizes an individual or a group within the School of Engineering and Applied Science and is intended to acknowledge an outstanding commitment to ensuring laboratory and/or workplace safety, as was Dale’s passion.

Previous Award Winners

Year Award Winner Department
2019 Rachel S. Selinsky Chemical and Biological Engineering
2020 Brian K. Wilson Chemical and Biological Engineering
2021 Alec J. Farid Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Safety Award Review Committee

Name Department Title
William Gervasi, Co-chair School of Engineering & Applied Science Asst Director – Facilities & Building Services
Meagan Fitzpatrick, Co-chair Environmental Health & Safety, School of Engineering & Applied Science Senior Laboratory Safety Specialist
Jay Benzinger Chemical & Biological Engineering Professor
Steve Elwood Environmental Health & Safety Assoc Director for Laboratory Safety
Robin Izzo Environmental Health & Safety Assistant Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety
Pamela Raney Chemical & Biological Engineering Assistant Finance and Grants Manager


Use the Dale Grieb Safety Nomination Form to nominate a member of the SEAS community that has exhibited an outstanding commitment to laboratory and/or workplace safety. Award winners are announced at the end of each calendar year.