Civil and environmental engineering research at Princeton addresses fundamental questions associated with the built environment, the natural environment, and interactions between the two. Focus areas include design of civil engineering systems; water resources and the hydrologic cycle, civil engineering materials, environmental and structural monitoring; air quality and water quality; urban environments, including smart cities; the impacts of climate change on water resources and natural hazards; impacts of energy technology on the environment; and structural art and design.

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  • Woman handles strings to extract lithium salts.

    Better lithium production on a string

  • Artist's conception of hexagonal rings.

    Engineers reveal the secrets behind green graphene

  • Foam board with a pinned grasshopper specimen, with wings extended, and four rows with different colors and shapes of synthetic wings under investigation for flying robots.

    Innovation funds support research in robotics, machine learning, climate resilience and more

  • Masonry arch exhibited in Venice

    Renaissance algorithm meets augmented reality at Venice Biennale

  • The research team

    Lasers pave the way to better use of cement

  • Graduates recognized at Class Day for resilience, dedication and perseverance