Civil and environmental engineering research at Princeton addresses fundamental questions associated with the built environment, the natural environment, and interactions between the two. Focus areas include design of civil engineering systems; water resources and the hydrologic cycle, civil engineering materials, environmental and structural monitoring; air quality and water quality; urban environments, including smart cities; the impacts of climate change on water resources and natural hazards; impacts of energy technology on the environment; and structural art and design.

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  • Trees and street signs partially submerged in river water with a buildings standing in floodwater in the background.

    Climate change likely to drive more floods in some parts of the U.S., fewer in others

  • Portrait of Professor Gabriele Villarini.

    Hydrologist Gabriele Villarini joins Princeton Engineering

  • A tug pushing river barges on a river with an industrial plant on the shore.

    Navigation on the Mississippi has worsened for decades

  • Award for Excellence honors graduate student achievement

  • Ammonia fuel offers great benefits but demands careful action

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching


  • February 23

    11:00 am

    Towards Robotic Construction of Sustainable Structures

  • March 05

    12:30 pm

    Underground H2 Storage and Natural Production: Pathways to Energy Decarbonization