Graduate students at Princeton Engineering learn to define creative, high-impact research projects and to pursue those projects with a combination of independent work and fruitful collaborations.

Each student’s story is different but a common motivation is the desire to harness science and technology to achieve a wide and positive impact. The students featured below reflect a small fraction of the diverse expertise and backgrounds that form the Princeton Engineering community.

Princeton Engineers

  • Portrait of Lillian Tay.

    Lillian Tay ’86 *90: Design with an eye toward sustainability and cultural heritage

  • Portrait of Marcel Louis.

    Marcel Louis: Sports and music, and now fluid mechanics for health care

  • Portrait of graduate student Austin Fan.

    Austin Fan: Tech for sustainable energy, and international networking

  • Portrait of Christina Kim.

    Christina Kim: Mapping the human microbiome, and reviving the campus #OutinSTEM community

  • Portrait of Corey Toler-Franklin.

    Corey Toler-Franklin *11: Using computer vision to advance medicine and reconstruct lost history

  • Portrait of graduate student Allison Chen on Princeton's campus.

    Allison Chen: Connecting computer vision with cognitive science

  • José de Jesus Montaño Lopez: Designing yeasts to make cleaner fuels

  • Eric Lepowsky: Applying robotics to make nuclear inspections less invasive

  • Chin-Tay Shih *75: Transforming Taiwan into an electronics powerhouse

  • Jen-Tang (JT) Lu *17: Using AI to evaluate cancer drugs

  • Evelyn Navarro Salazar: Creating new models for lung disease and development

  • Maxine Perroni-Scharf *23: Fabricating art with algorithms

  • Jay Famiglietti *92: Bringing everyone to the table to solve water challenges

  • Hannah Wiswell: Studying bird flight to improve aircraft

  • Camila Llerena-Olivera: Researching water quality in Peru and beyond

  • David L. Evans *66: Championing diversity in higher education

  • Ananya Chakravarti: Tackling ‘Big Problems’ through an interdisciplinary approach

  • Francisco Sáenz: Studying liquid metals for nuclear fusion

  • Isabel de Oliveira: Discovering the world of lightweight structures

  • Graduate student with open arms in the air, surrounded by equipment.

    Susan Redmond: Exploring the origins of the universe through engineering

  • Felix Ackon: Adapting market models for renewable energy

  • Anna Hancock: Probing bacterial behavior for medicine, the environment and more

  • Portrait of Wilson Ricks.

    Wilson Ricks: Sustaining the energy of our future

  • Portrait of Jackie Ying

    Jackie Ying *91: Pioneering nanotechnology for human health

  • Portrait of graduate student Lila Rodgers

    Lila Rodgers: ‘Fearlessly’ tackling challenges in quantum systems

  • Graduate student Einara Zahn

    Einara Zahn: Investigating exchanges between plants and the atmosphere

  • Graduate student Joanna Schneider working in the laboratory

    Joanna Schneider: Building nanoparticles for clean water

  • Portrait of graduate student Meghan Booker holding small robot

    Meghan Booker: Making memory frameworks for robots

  • Graduate student Caroline Trippel

    Caroline Trippel *19: Evaluating security in hardware designs

  • Graduate student Yair Shenfeld

    Yair Shenfeld *20: Understanding optimal convex structures

  • Graduate student Aleena Patel

    Aleena Patel *21: Harnessing light for developmental biology

  • Portrait of J. Clay Hamill Jr.

    J. Clay Hamill Jr. *21: Optimizing thin-film solar cells

  • Graduate student Noah Apthorpe speaking at panel discussion

    Noah Apthorpe ’14 *20: Finding vulnerabilities in network privacy and security

  • Photo of graduate student Anastasia Bizyaeva, flanked by robots in the lab

    Anastasia Bizyaeva *22: Modeling group dynamics