• New Study: Participation Gender Gap in Engineering Courses

    The study, published online March 1 in IEEE Transactions on Education, included observations of 1,387 student comments over 89 class periods in 10 different courses in Princeton’s engineering school.

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  • Pathways to Graduate School

    Pathways to Graduate School for Rising College Seniors invites high-achieving students in science, engineering and math for a series of interactive workshops aimed at boosting success in applying for doctoral programs.

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  • Rodrick


    Rodrick Kuate Defo uses mathematics and computing to probe how light interacts with materials at extremely fine scales — a field known as nanophotonics.

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  • Women History

    Women’s History Month

    Princeton Engineering celebrates the trailblazing women who were among the first women students and faculty at Princeton, as well as the growing number of women in our community who continue to make outstanding contributions through research, teaching and leadership.

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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our school, and the engineering profession, cannot reach their maximum potential without embracing the diversity of ideas and experiences that come from people of different backgrounds and creating an inclusive culture where all people can thrive. Moreover, creating and harnessing technology to benefit humanity cannot be accomplished without the broad perspectives and skills of a diverse community. The diversity in all dimensions of the SEAS community and in the engineering profession are well below my aspirations, so we have much work to do. As dean, I am committed to ensuring that the School of Engineering and Applied Science dramatically increases the diversity of its members, while providing an inclusive and collaborative culture such that all members of our community can achieve their full potential.

Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community requires leadership, shared commitment, and sustained effort by all members of SEAS. To coordinate and spearhead our efforts, we have a dedicated Office of Diversity and Inclusion. We welcome your ideas and suggestions on improving diversity, inclusion, and equity in the SEAS community.

Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea Goldsmith

Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports the engineering school in achieving academic excellence via recruiting and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds and fostering a culture of belonging to unlock their potential for success. We aspire to enhance the excellence of the school by becoming more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Julie Yun

Julie Yun

Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Mia De Leon

Mia De Leon

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Tess Hansen

Diversity and Inclusion Administrator

César Carrasco-López

César Carrasco-López

Associate Research Scholar, Diversity Fellow

Jenna Ott

Jenna Ott

Graduate Student, Diversity Fellow