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Civil and materials engineer Glaucio Paulino awarded ASME’s Melville Medal

June 22, 2022

Civil and materials engineer Glaucio Paulino, Princeton’s Margareta Engman Augustine Professor of Engineering, is a recipient of the 2022 Melville Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the society’s highest honor for best original paper.

a magnifying glass enlarges part of a perovskite solar cell

Once seen as fleeting, a new solar tech shines on and on

June 16, 2022

An emerging class of solar energy technology, made with perovskite semiconductors, has passed the long-sought milestone of a 30-year lifetime. The Princeton Engineering researchers who designed the new device also revealed a new method for testing long-term performance, a key hurdle on the road to commercialization.

Episode 6: Dance Me to the End. "Composers & Computers" logo. The ampersand is a treble clef. There is a sound wave illustration

Episode 6: Dance Me to the End

June 10, 2022

We wrap up this oral history podcast with a look at a collaboration between engineers and dancers; and, we tell a story about how a computer musician got a late night call from Stevie Wonder to talk shop, and in the process may have changed the way the music legend thought about digital voice synthesis.

Google, GE, ClearPath have joined new Princeton research consortium focusing on low-carbon technology

June 6, 2022

Princeton’s ZERO lab has created a new coalition, bringing together corporations and researchers focused on scalable clean energy technologies.

Episode 5: Laptop Orchestra. Composers & Computers, the ampersand is a treble clef. There is an image of a sound file.

Episode 5: Laptop Orchestra

June 3, 2022

Just when it seemed there was nothing new to be done in digital music, Princeton engineers and musicians collaborated to create a whole new genre of music and digital creative expression. Meet the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.

Pattern of circles overlaid with the words "Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month"

Princeton Engineering celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May 26, 2022

Princeton Engineering celebrates the outstanding contributions of our students, faculty, researchers and alumni of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage.

four images showing progress of dots spreading to form a composite P

Easy as an inkjet, a new soft printing technique has opened the way for pixelated elastics

May 26, 2022

Borrowing from inkjet printers, Princeton Engineering researchers have rolled out a pixel-by-pixel technique to program and print composite elastic materials. It could be used for applications in soft robotics to create octopus-inspired camouflage or in medical devices to sense fine detail in vulnerable spaces.

Group portrait of award winners

On Class Day, graduates were told their dedication would be the foundation of future success

May 25, 2022

Princeton Engineering’s annual Class Day ceremony celebrated the outstanding work and contributions of the 387 engineering school graduates of Princeton’s Class of 2022.

Engineering faculty recognized for excellence in teaching

May 24, 2022

Students highlighted mentoring, guidance and depth of knowledge in the classroom.

Students in virtual reality course

Students implement visions through virtual reality

May 23, 2022

Students discovered new ways to apply virtual and augmented reality to disciplines across the sciences and beyond.