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  • Professor Jason Ren

    Ren granted top award for work decarbonizing the water industry

    Z. Jason Ren, professor of civil and environmental engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, has been awarded the 2021 Paul L. Busch Award from the Water Research Foundation. The award, in its 20th year, recognizes researchers who are making major breakthroughs in the water quality industry.

  • diagram of droplet formation

    Theory of bubbles lifts cell biology into a new, more quantitative era

    An established physics theory governing bubble and droplet formation has led to a new understanding of the principles organizing the contents of living cells. The work marks a seismic shift in researchers' ability both to understand and control the complex soft materials within our cells.

  • Dean Andrea  Goldsmith

    White House appoints Dean Andrea Goldsmith to panel of science advisors

    The Biden administration has appointed Andrea Goldsmith, dean of Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science, to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).

  • Newark, NJ, skyline at night

    HAX accelerator program to launch 100 businesses, help catalyze regional tech hub

    The hard-tech accelerator HAX will locate its U.S. headquarters in Newark, N.J., the result of a bid by the State of New Jersey supported by Princeton University.

  • waterbear walking

    Tiny, squishy, water bears walk just like insects 500,000 times their size

    Water bears – tiny ultra-resistant animals – walk in ways that are surprisingly similar to the movements of insects, despite vast differences in their size, habitat and body type, according to researchers at Princeton and Rockefeller University.

  • Candid photo of two people

    Major gift supports pursuit of 'Grand Challenges' in Bioengineering

    A major gift accelerates the pursuit some of the biggest questions and opportunities emerging at the intersection of biology and engineering.

  • students at welcoming ceremony

    Faculty welcome students back to campus

    Dean of Engineering Andrea Goldsmith welcomed students back to campus at events Aug. 31 and Sept. 2, celebrating the joy of reopening after more than a year of remote education.

  • Farm vehicle traverses diagonal road cutting between sections of a tree farm, aerial view..

    New platform speeds up effort to turn crops into fuel

    Researchers led by José Avalos have developed a new platform for breaking down cellulose, the world's most abundant organic compound, and simultaneously fermenting it for use in biofuel production.

  • waveguides direct colored light from individual atoms toward a detector

    Engineering faculty to lead development of quantum simulators in major NSF-funded effort

    Princeton researchers have joined an $25 million NSF-funded effort to develop large-scale quantum simulators, seeking a detailed blueprint for building quantum computing applications. The NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation, announced on September 2, brings together computer scientists, engineers and physicists from five universities and the federal government to develop theoretical concepts, design experimental hardware, and provide education and training for a suite of methods and tools that can help uncover and predict quantum phenomena.

  • controlled cellular motion

    Researchers take step to using cellular movement to help wound healing

    With a technique that overcomes cells’ innate social behaviors, researchers have taken an important step in directing skin cells to migrate en masse to close wounds _ “literally making skin crawl,” said principal investigator Daniel Cohen.