Gas Cylinders

The following five industrial-grade gases are available through the stockroom and may be purchased using a chart string:

Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Air (Breathing), Argon

They are available in size 300 only. Helium is subject to a worldwide embargo and inventory may be disrupted.

Industrial-grade gas cylinders purchased through the stockroom may be returned to the cylinder rack located on the loading dock. A cylinder cart may be borrowed through the receiving area.

For questions, contact the stockroom: Anthony Schulz, 609-258-4739

Specialty Gas Cylinders

Purchase of specialty gas cylinders may be done through the PRIME Marketplace and your departmental purchasing contact.

Upon delivery of a specialty gas to the loading dock, a yellow tag will be affixed indicating type of gas, vendor, and delivery date. An email will be sent to the purchaser for notification. Upon pickup, a room/lab location must be provided. Cylinders are entered in a database for tracking. There is limited storage for specialty gases at the loading dock and prompt pick up is expected.
To return a specialty gas cylinder, the customer must call the vendor and arrange pick up. The following information must be noted on the yellow tag, pick up date and confirmation number. After entering the information, the cylinder may be returned to the receiving area for storage until pick up by the vendor. Missed pick up dates are the responsibility of the lab to reschedule.
Daily Rental charges from vendors begin with delivery and end with pick up.