The Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute (ODBI) is an interdisciplinary research center building a vibrant community of faculty, students, postdocs, staff and partners, with research focusing on cellular, device and computational bioengineering, all under one roof. ODBI is working to unlock fundamental discoveries in the life sciences and apply engineering principles to pressing human needs.

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  • Plaque that reads "junior faculty awards 2024".

    Junior faculty awards recognize outstanding teaching and research

  • Cliff Brangwynne at podium

    University dedicates Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute at Venture Forward event

  • A group of killer T cells, colored green and red, surrounding a cancer cell, colored blue.

    Microscopes reveal a frozen moment in cellular time. This new method records cells as they work.

  • Single strand ribonucleic acid.

    Can language models read the genome? This one decoded mRNA to make better vaccines.

  • Dense rows of low crops growing in a field, with trees in the distance and a clear blue sky.

    Princeton IP Accelerator funding awarded to support promising new technologies

  • Portrait of researcher in lab near microscope.

    The materials scientist who upended cell biology

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  • Joshua Atkinson outdoor portrait

    Joshua Atkinson

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

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    Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Clifford Brangwynne

    Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Mark Brynildsen

    Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Daniel J. Cohen

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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    Electrical and Computer Engineering

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    Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Portrait of Jared Toettcher.

    Jared Toettcher