• Daniel Cohen (right) and research team

    Raising bioelectric sheepdogs to herd flocks of cells

  • Jose Avalos, Chris Gonzalez, Tess Kichuk in wearing lab coats looking at Petri dish in lab

    New bioengineering Ph.D. program harnesses ‘uniquely collaborative’ community

  • Group of researchers gathered around computer screen in a lab.

    At new institute, quest for better lives starts with curiosity

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • Junior faculty awards recognize outstanding teaching and research

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching


  • Applied Physics

  • Art, Architecture, and Multimedia

  • Bioengineering and Health

  • Data Science

  • Materials Science and Engineering

  • Robotics


  • Student uses drill press while others observe.

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering