The School of Engineering and Applied Science invites advanced graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to participate in Princeton Pathway into the Academy Program (PPIA).

This year-long career development program prepares early-stage researchers for faculty careers in engineering and computer science. The program offers structured support that supplements the guidance graduate students and postdoctoral researchers already receive from their advisors. It combines virtual trainings, check-ins, and other opportunities for ongoing mentorship and guidance.

Applicants must demonstrate excellent research and scholarship potential as well as teaching ability. Key selection criteria will include a record of research and teaching excellence and potential future impact in their field or discipline.

Faculty and leadership at Princeton believe diversity drives creativity, flexibility and innovation in the production of research and new knowledge. We bring together people across academic disciplines, from industry, non-profits and government, and from all nations and backgrounds in a collaborative culture to achieve breakthroughs of benefit to humanity.

Thus PPIA is especially interested in candidates with strong potential to contribute — through their research, teaching, lived experiences and service — to the diversity and excellence of our academic community. Women and other historically underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines are encouraged to apply.


Eligible participants include graduate students in the last year of Ph.D. programs and all postdoctoral fellows interested in seeking academic positions in engineering and computer science as represented at Princeton University. Applicants must have an excellent record of research productivity and demonstrate the ability to develop a rigorous research program.

Program Dates

This program will run from November 2023 – November 2024.

How to Apply

Please provide your own contact information (email and phone number) along with your application. Applications open June 31, 2023, and the deadline to apply is October 27, 2023.

If you are interested in applying and need assistance, please reach out to Tess Hansen: 



Faculty Panels


  • Enhance understanding of faculty roles and responsibilities
  • Demystify academic job search process and hiring criteria
  • Foster connections and facilitate networking
  • Introduce current junior and senior faculty who will describe their own pathways into the academy, and discuss: the tenure process and building blocks of an academic career
  • how to merge personal with professional priorities

Virtual monthly workshops and check-ins will cover

  • Constructing the CV and Publications List
  • Constructing an Effective Research Statement
  • Grant Writing
  • Writing Diversity and Teaching Statements
  • Introduction to Backward Design of Curricula
  • Creating Community in the Classroom
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome
  • Understanding the Interview Process
  • Constructing a Job Talk
  • Constructing a Chalk Talk
  • Portfolio Review
  • Practicing Job Talks and Chalk Talks