The Center for Information Technology Policy uses Princeton’s unique strengths to promote an informed public discussion of digital technologies. Combining faculty expertise in technology and engineering, public policy, and the social sciences with a strong University tradition of service, the Center’s research, teaching, and public programs address digital technologies as they interact with policy, markets, and society. The center is a joint initiative of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Public and International Affairs.

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  • Group photo of 14 people, holding sign that says Center for Information Technology Policy.

    Summer fellowship gives students hands-on experience with public interest technology

  • Interviewer leans over to speak with two students seated at table.

    AI4All summer program featured on NBC Today show

  • Two server racks face each other across a hallway

    At CITP, students examine broadband inequities and the digital divide

  • Head-and-shoulders portrait

    Tech expert Arvind Narayanan takes helm at joint technology-policy center

  • Prateek Mittal talks with colleagues at a conference.

    Aligning the benefits of decentralization

  • Prateek Mittal speaks to class.

    Center for Information Technology Policy gives students up-close government experiences


  • September 26

    12:30 pm

    CITP Seminar: Alice Marwick – Beyond the Binary: How LGBTQ+ People Negotiate Networked Privacy

  • October 03

    12:30 pm

    CITP Seminar: Surya Mattu – Breaking The Black Box: How CITP’s Digital Witness Lab Uses Data-Driven Investigations to Expose Surveillance and Misinformation

  • October 10

    12:30 pm

    CITP Seminar: Dan Calacci – Why Data Rights Should be Labor Rights: Data Protection and AI Regulation for Gig Workers and Beyond

  • October 24

    12:30 pm

    CITP Seminar: Older Adults and Social Media: Opportunities and Challenges

  • October 25

    4:30 pm

    LLM Forum: A Conversation with Meredith Whittaker

  • October 31

    12:30 pm

    CITP Seminar: Chatbots for Good and Evil

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    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Andrew Appel

    Computer Science

  • Michael Freedman

    Computer Science

  • Brian Kernighan

    Computer Science

  • Aleksandra Korolova

    Computer Science

  • Sanjeev Kulkarni

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Operations Research and Financial Engineering

  • Margaret Martonosi

    Computer Science

  • Prateek Mittal

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Arvind Narayanan

    Computer Science

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Computer Science

  • Pramod Viswanath

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Matt Weinberg

    Computer Science