Princeton has been at the forefront of computing since Alan Turing, Alonzo Church, and John von Neumann were among its residents. The department, now in a period of major growth, has strong groups in artificial intelligence and machine learning, theory, programming languages, graphics and vision, systems and networking, computer architecture, computational biology and neuroscience, security, privacy, and information technology policy.

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  • Smiling man wearing a dark suit jacket

    Justice Department designates Mayer to serve as first chief science and technology adviser and chief AI officer

  • Trio of headshots.

    Three faculty members named Sloan Research Fellows

  • Ellen Zhong in a computer lab

    Using computer vision to see proteins

  • Microscope image of the brain's cerebellum, showing multiple folds and layers labeled in green and blue.

    Spatial data adds ‘great new dimension’ to studies on cancer and development

  • Smiling man with folded arms stands in front of researchers working at computers

    Bridging experiments and data to decode the genome

  • Chatbot illustration with person's hands holding a phone.

    Personalizing ChatGPT can make it more offensive, researchers find


  • February 26

    12:30 pm

    Instance-Optimization: Rethinking Database Design for the Next 1000X

  • February 27

    12:30 pm

    Towards More Human-like Learning in Machines: Bridging the Data and Generalization Gaps

  • February 29

    12:30 pm

    Making Language Models Useful

  • March 04

    12:30 pm

    Rethinking Data Use in Large Language Models

  • March 05

    12:30 pm

    Scalable and Efficient Systems for Large Language Models

  • March 07

    12:30 pm

    Secure Systems from Insecure Components