Princeton has been at the forefront of computing since Alan Turing, Alonzo Church, and John von Neumann were among its residents. The department, now in a period of major growth, has strong groups in artificial intelligence and machine learning, theory, programming languages, graphics and vision, systems and networking, computer architecture, computational biology and neuroscience, security, privacy, and information technology policy.

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  • Three head-and-shoulders portraits.

    Princeton expands its commitment to research and education in quantum science and engineering

  • Group photo of 14 people, holding sign that says Center for Information Technology Policy.

    Summer fellowship gives students hands-on experience with public interest technology

  • Interviewer leans over to speak with two students seated at table.

    AI4All summer program featured on NBC Today show

  • Two server racks face each other across a hallway

    At CITP, students examine broadband inequities and the digital divide

  • Engineers clean up with TidyBot

  • Group of researchers gathered around computer screen in a lab.

    At new institute, quest for better lives starts with curiosity


  • October 10

    12:30 pm

    Lattice-based Cryptography and the Learning with Errors Problem

  • October 25

    4:30 pm

    LLM Forum: A Conversation with Meredith Whittaker

  • November 08

    4:30 pm

    LLM Forum: A Conversation with Wai Chee Dimock