Sanjeev Arora

Charles C. Fitzmorris Professor in Computer Science


Office: Computer Science Building, 307

Phone: 609-258-3869

Research interests: Theoretical computer science and theoretical machine learning. Computational complexity (especially probabilistically checkable proofs), computing approximate solutions to intractable problems. Data science (also natural language processing and neuroscience).


  • Speaker at podium in front of screen that says AI for Control, Design and Creation.

    New initiatives bring Princeton to the fore of AI innovation

  • Speaker at podium with blurred audience in front and large slide projected behind with the words Princeton Language + Intelligence.

    Beyond ChatGPT: Princeton Language and Intelligence initiative pushes the boundaries of large AI models

  • Four young adults in Singapore inside a radiant cooling hut

    Part Fourteen: Hello, World

  • collage of pictures of: an airplane, a parrot, sunflowers, a fish

    Bell Lab Prize honors Princeton team for method to meld privacy and deep learning

  • Professor Sanjeev Arora

    Sanjeev Arora elected to National Academy of Sciences

  • Arora honored for insights in working around the impossible


  • Computer Science

    Computer Science

  • Computer hardware connected by cables.