Chemical and biological engineering addresses a range of problems in human health, energy, materials science, and industrial processes. Areas of excellence at Princeton include: applied and computational mathematics, bioengineering, environmental and energy science and technology, materials synthesis and processing, process engineering and science, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, and transport phenomena.

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  • Three people in a room with industrial equipment. Two are looking up at machines in front of them; the other is looking at the people next to him and smiling.

    Formerly incarcerated students dive into engineering research

  • Group of researchers gathered around computer screen in a lab.

    At new institute, quest for better lives starts with curiosity

  • Foam board with a pinned grasshopper specimen, with wings extended, and four rows with different colors and shapes of synthetic wings under investigation for flying robots.

    Innovation funds support research in robotics, machine learning, climate resilience and more

  • Graduates recognized at Class Day for resilience, dedication and perseverance

  • Robert Vanderbei and Richard Register

    Vanderbei and Register recognized for outstanding service and mentorship

  • Hari Subedi *18 during his Ph.D. hooding ceremony with adviser Jeremy Kasdin.

    From seeing exoplanets to connecting diverse identities, celebrating AAPI Heritage Month


  • October 03

    3:00 pm

    SMatCH – Building Cytoskeletal Circuits via Branched Microtubule Networks

  • October 03

    3:00 pm

    SMatCH – Hyperuniformity of Maximally Random Jammed Packings of Hyperspheres Across Spatial Dimensions

  • October 11

    4:00 pm

    Multiscale Control of Dynamic Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications

  • October 12

    3:00 pm

    Bacterial Chemotaxis

  • October 31

    3:00 pm

    O-JAWS (Oscillating Jet Assisted Wet Spinning): A Structured Microfiber Production Methodology

  • October 31

    3:00 pm

    Morphodynamics of Growing Multispecies Microbial Colonies