Michael A. Webb

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Website: https://cbe.princeton.edu/michael-webb

Office: E-Quad, A325

Phone: 609-258-4595

Research interests: Biomolecular engineering, cellular and tissue engineering, complex materials and processing, energy and environment, theory and simulation.


  • Computer simulation graphic showing hundreds of thousands of atoms in two planes, representing two surfaces, with an abstract web-like channel showing how charge carriers move between the surfaces.

    The science of static shock jolted into the 21st century

  • Graphic with text "Commendation for Outstanding Teaching".

    Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • National Science Foundation CAREER AWARDS.

    Seven engineering faculty members receive NSF CAREER awards

  • a protein molecule wrapped in gold polymer strands

    Automation speeds the search for stable proteins

  • Junior faculty awards recognize outstanding teaching and research

  • Researcher exposes fire-retardant and untreated control material to flame

    Innovation funds support advances in bioengineering, machine learning and materials science


  • Professor and student work together in lab setting.

    Chemical and Biological Engineering