• Four engineering students named Goldwater Scholars

  • Graphic with text "Commendation for Outstanding Teaching".

    Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • Ice nucleation

    Artificial intelligence broke the ice in simulating how water freezes

  • Rendering of new engineering building. People are walking on sidewalk in front of building with lots of glass windows. It appears to be just before dusk.

    Part Fifteen: Engineering the Future

  • Artist rendering of biological shapes floating in a clear container

    Lava lamps, living cells: Brangwynne establishes new view of biology

  • Class Day 2020 award recipients

    Graduates recognized for innovation, service and perseverance


  • Professor and student work together in lab setting.

    Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Faculty member, seated at end of row of colleagues, leads panel discussion.

    Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

  • Researchers, dressed in white suits, work in "clean room" lab under yellow light.

    Princeton Materials Institute