Sigrid Adriaenssens

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Office: E-Quad, E332

Phone: 609-258-4661

Research interests: Bridges: new structural (mobile) typologies; pre-stressed tension structures: splines and membranes; shells: textile reinforced shells, adaptable formwork, shape optimization; historic structures: restoration and upgrading methodologies; durability: life-cycle design of new infrastructure; efficiency: form-finding techniques, structural optimization, with applications in energy efficiency and human health.


  • Hazy sunlight filtering through ranked skyscrapers

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  • Foam board with a pinned grasshopper specimen, with wings extended, and four rows with different colors and shapes of synthetic wings under investigation for flying robots.

    Innovation funds support research in robotics, machine learning, climate resilience and more

  • Masonry arch exhibited in Venice

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  • Episode 6: Dance Me to the End. "Composers & Computers" logo. The ampersand is a treble clef. There is a sound wave illustration

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  • Three students look closely at a model of an architectural structure.

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Princeton campus and Guyot Hall

    High Meadows Environmental Institute

  • Researchers, dressed in white suits, work in "clean room" lab under yellow light.

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  • Computer hardware connected by cables.


  • Map of bay with design flood protection measures.

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  • A small drone flies down a corridor while avoiding obstacles