The Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education provides students, faculty, and researchers across Princeton University the tools they need to have positive impacts far beyond their specific disciplines.

“We are very proud of the fact that so many of our students students come back and relate to us how they have used what they learned in Keller classes to have impact out in the real world at a much greater level and much earlier in their career than they had ever imagined,” says Derek Lidow ’73, entrepreneurial specialist and professor of the practice at the Keller Center.

In this video, students and alumni relate how the Keller Center helped them to build quickly on their academic classes to start new ventures and find pathways to benefit humanity.

Among Keller Center resources around entrepreneurship, innovation and design:

Courses in entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship programs and projects

Courses in design and design thinking

Among Keller resources for faculty, graduate students, and postdocs:

Design for Innovation Program

Turning breakthroughs into lasting solutions

Innovation Forum


  • Derek Lidow

    Derek Lidow

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