Undergraduate Careers

Students graduating from Princeton with engineering degrees go on to make their mark in a wide range of exciting and fulfilling careers.  

Many go to work for companies that produce products or services.  Notable employers include Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Schlumberger, Merck, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Intel, Space X, Tesla, and Ford, among many others. 

Students can also choose a different path, pursuing research careers in engineering science. This normally involves going to graduate school and earning a Ph.D.

Still others work for companies at the intersection of business, technology, and commerce, in finance, management consulting, and hedge funds.  Princeton engineering graduates go on to medical school, law school, divinity school, teaching, military service, government, professional sports, filmmaking, acting, and music.  No single career path defines a Princeton engineering graduate.

The Center for Career Development supports engineering students as they seek internships and full-time employment.

Each fall, the Undergraduate Affairs Office organizes a Science and Technology Job Fair to connect employers with students.

Just a few notable undergraduate alumni of Princeton Engineering include:

  • Charles (Pete) Conrad ’53, astronaut and third man on the moon
  • Eric Schmidt ’76, former CEO of Google, former chairman of Alphabet
  • Frances Arnold ’79, professor of chemical engineering and bioengineering and biochemistry at CalTech, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Cato Laurencin ’80, University professor at the University of Connecticut, and winner of the National Medal of Technology
  • Laura Forese ’83, former executive vice president and chief operating officer of New York Presbyterian hospital, and Princeton University trustee
  • Jeff Bezos ’86, founder, chairman, and CEO of Amazon
  • John Dabiri ’01, professor of engineering at Stanford, and MacArthur “genius grant” fellow