The Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Law Association (SVIPLA) named Conor Madigan, chief operating officer and president of Kateeva, Inventor of the Year for 2016. With over 100 patents under his name, Madigan was recognized for developing manufacturing equipment to mass produce organic light emitting diodes (OLEDS), which are used in flat-panel and flexible display units and have led to breakthroughs in the display industry. Created with his team at Kateeva, the YIELDjet platform became the first cost-effective inkjet printer engineered for high-volume OLED production.

As a representative of an IP-driven U.S. technology company, Madigan was invited to speak on a panel at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington D.C. on World Intellectual Property Day. He told of his research at MIT and the growth of Kateeva, and complimented the committee for supporting patent policies that encourage innovation. He later met with congressional representatives.

Madigan graduated from Princeton in 2000 with a degree in electrical engineering and earned his Ph.D. from MIT, where conducted OLED-related research. He co-founded Kateeva in 2008, and the company now holds over 200 issued and pending patents related to the YIELDjet platform. In the summer of 2016 Madigan became chief operating officer of Kateeva in addition to his role as the company’s president.