May 20

2:30 pm

Alumni-Faculty Forum: Transformations in Tech That Are Shaping Our Future

May 20

3:00 pm

Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumni Reception

May 20

3:00 pm

MAE Undergraduate Reunions

May 20

3:30 pm

Reunions Happy Hour at the Hub

May 20

4:00 pm

School of Engineering and Applied Science Reunions Reception

May 21

10:30 am

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: What’s Your North Star?

May 25

12:00 pm

Entrepreneurship for Social Impact series: Communicating to Create Understanding and Connection

June 01

8:00 am

GPU Hackathon at Princeton (Virtual event)

June 01

12:30 pm

Summer Program Kickoff BBQ

June 02

1:00 pm

DataX Workshop Series: Synthetic Control Methods