Jordan Culbreath
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“Michael Schoder from the Class of 2010 and I developed a cold-water hydrotherapy spa for
the rehabilitation of our varsity athletes. The system consisted of a chiller unit (which housed a
refrigeration system, filtration/circulation system, temperature control system, and a spa jet pump) along
with a custom-fabricated pool that held up to five athletes at a time. The system provided a cost- and
energy-efficient alternative to the cold-water treatment methods previously employed by the varsity athletic
training staff.”


Enoch J. Durbin Prize for Engineering Innovation, Donald Janssen Dike Award for Excellence in
Undergraduate Research, and 2011 Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease National Champion.


Management intern with the senior vice president of Medimedia USA.


“I am a captain of the varsity football team, a member of the University Cottage Club,
and a founding member of the Princeton Chapter of Uplifting Athletes (an organization committed to raising
awareness and funding for rare diseases). I also sponsored two bone marrow drives to raise awareness for
aplastic anemia, which is a life-threatening bone marrow disease that I have been fortunate enough to