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“Some of the most interesting classes I’ve taken here have been in the
chemistry department. I work as a chemistry peer tutor, helping those who are struggling in their freshman
chemistry classes.” Earned a certificate in materials science and in engineering and sustainable


“When I applied to Princeton University, I knew that I wanted to be a chemical engineer.
It’s fast-paced and exciting, and I like that I can apply my knowledge of the physical sciences
and mathematics to create practical solutions to real-world problems.”


Member of Expressions Dance Company and the TapCats dance troupe. “Though it does get
crazy juggling homework and rehearsals, I’ve found that time spent exercising with some of my
closest friends helps to keep me sane.”

Co-founder and co-president of the Independent Student Union, which hosts activities to foster
social cohesion among those who are not in eating clubs.


Summer internship with Energy for Opportunity, installing solar panels in rural Sierra Leone.