style=”width: 225px; height: 292px;” title=”Shelley Chan” />INDEPENDENT RESEARCH

Designed a control system for the ascent and descent stages for the upper stage of a horizontal
launch and re-entry vehicle. Applied this design to a reusable vehicle designed by Princeton Satellite
Systems, which seeks to produce the vehicle for a number of space agencies for easier launch and to act as a
ferry from Earth to the International Space Station..


“I’m really interested in aerospace systems designs—how spacecraft
come together and different subsystems interface and work together, the tradeoffs in decisions in one
subsystem, and how they affect another.”


Earned certificate in robotics and intelligent systems.


Presented results of fluid dynamics research at a conference in Minneapolis. With classmate Chelsea
Graf, presented a proposal for a docking station to facilitate manned missions to Mars at the Revolutionary
Aerospace Systems Concepts Academic Linkage forum. Traveled with classmates to NASA’s Jet
Propulsion Laboratory to present a design for a microsatellite for finding extra-solar planets.


Member of the undergraduate Engineering Council. Worked as a research assistant in the Princeton
University Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory.