Christine Theodoropoulos was named dean of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at California Polytechnic State University.

Prior to this position, Theodoropoulos was at the University of Oregon, serving as a faculty member in the Architecture Department in the University’s School of Architecture and Allied Art since 1997. In 2003 she became the department head with responsibilities that included the management and development of curriculum and research initiatives for more than 650 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in seven degree programs in Eugene and Portland. Earlier in her career, Theodoropoulos was a structural engineer at Ralph M. Parsons Co., now the Parsons Corporation. In addition, she serves as a design consultant in the private sector.

Since graduating from Princeton in 1979 with a BSE degree in civil engineering and from Yale with a Master of Architecture in 1985, her focus has been on the architect’s role in international earthquake-resistant design and disaster mitigation, environmental implications of structural systems, and the development of teaching materials and methods that advance architects’ understanding of building structures.