Sujit Datta

Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Office: E-Quad, A321

Phone: 609-258-4586

Research interests: Physics and engineering of soft materials; transport through porous media; interfacial phenomena; biophysics; biological polymers; microfluidics; hydrogels; water remediation; microbial communities


  • A palm-sized octopus figurine made of hydrogel

    Reusable and recyclable, this new hydrogel squishes the old version’s environmental impact

  • A network of intricate fibers forms a structure with a bubble at its center.

    Researchers built a physical model to probe the creative destruction inside cells

  • Foam board with a pinned grasshopper specimen, with wings extended, and four rows with different colors and shapes of synthetic wings under investigation for flying robots.

    Innovation funds support research in robotics, machine learning, climate resilience and more

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • award presented to Sujit Datta

    Teaching awards celebrate instructors’ positive impact on students’ lives and careers

  • Solar-powered gel filters enough clean water to meet daily needs


  • Bioengineering and Health

  • Energy and Environment


  • Professor and student work together in lab setting.

    Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Researchers, dressed in white suits, work in "clean room" lab under yellow light.

    Princeton Materials Institute