Diversity Champions Resources

The following informal list of resources is offered as support for members of the Princeton Engineering community joining our Diversity Champions program. Please note this is not a comprehensive list and we welcome suggestions for additions.

Offerings from Princeton University

The following resources are just some of the many offered within Princeton University.

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Understanding Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Terminology

Getting a handle on all the different terms can be helpful as you navigate your learning and exploration of DEI.

General Terminology

Gender and LGTBQ+



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Self-Discovery/Self-Exploration/Personal Growth

Here are some broad topics that often spur questions and conversation.


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Anti-Racism Action

The following resources address some of the topics above with an action-oriented approach.

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Diversity in Higher Education

While matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion are relevant throughout society, each field brings its own challenges, including higher education.

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Minoritized/Marginalized Voices/Perspectives

Listening to voices from a wide range of communities is a great way to identify gaps in our own understanding and to gain insights into building a more equitable society.

Latino perspectives

Native-American perspectives

Arab perspectives

Perspectives of persons with disabilities

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LGBTQIA Resources

The following resources focus primarily on matters of gender and sexual identity.

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Ally Resources

People who identify with any community, but particularly those who identify with traditionally privileged communities, have a role to play in advocating for others.

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Religious Diversity and Bias

The following resources touch on the many ways in which a person’s religious beliefs can be the subject of biased views from others.

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The Pandemic and Discrimination

The following resources discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has had unequal affects in various communities, often exacerbating long-standing inequities.

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Paid Streaming Programs

These are valuable resources addressing some of the topics above, but require a paid service to view.

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