The School of Engineering and Applied Science has named 27 faculty members to its Commendation List for Outstanding Teaching for the spring 2006 semester. Professors named to the list are those who received the highest scores on student evaluations for undergraduate and graduate courses.

“The feedback that students provide in their course evaluations has always been very important to the engineering faculty,” said Dean H. Vincent Poor. “The dean’s office has long sent congratulatory notes to faculty members who receive top evaluations and to their department chairs. The following list represents an effort to recognize more publicly the great teaching at Princeton Engineering.”

The professors and the courses for which they were selected are:

Robert Calderbank, ELE 539B
Bernard Chazelle, COS 451
Erhan Çinlar, ORF 551
Douglas Clark, COS 126
Perry Cook, ELE 579
Jianqing Fan, ORF 569
Christodoulos Floudas, CHE 445
Maria Garlock, CEE 366
Antoine Kahn, ELE 401
Brian Kernighan, COS 333
Hisashi Kobayashi, ELE 486
Kai Li, COS 592
Michael Littman, MAE 412/433
Sharad Malik, ELE 563
Vivek Pai, COS 217
Jennifer Rexford, COS 461
Clarence Rowley, MAE 433
Robert Schapire, COS 511
Mansour Shayegan, ELE 342
James Smith, CEE 591
Alexander Smits, MAE 222
Winston Soboyejo, MAE 436
Sankaran Sundaresan, CHE 501
Sergio Verd√∫, ELE 528
Kevin Wayne, COS 126
Wayne Wolf, ELE 579
Ed Zschau, ELE 491/591