One lab is not enough for Edgar Choueiri *91.

This article is from the Winter 2018 EQuad News.

Portrait of Edgar Choueiri in his sound studio

The professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering works in two connected laboratories reflecting his research interests in audio technology and spacecraft propulsion. One is filled with researchers designing electric engines that could one day take astronauts to Mars, and the other has a team working on cutting-edge sound systems for Tesla Motors and high-end audio manufacturers. Both teams work on fundamentals, but with an eye toward developing working devices.

“In the past couple of years, we had three papers in Physical Review Letters but at the same time you can go to the Apple Store and find a Princeton-IP-enabled 3-D audio product on the shelf,” he said.

Choueiri, a former director of the program in engineering physics, said Princeton has a knack for attracting scientists “who also like to build things.”

“My father was an engineer, and my mother taught physics,” he said. “I could not make up my mind.”


  • Edgar Choueiri

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