Ten Princeton scientists, including three faculty members in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, have been selected to receive 2019 Sloan Research Fellowships, highly competitive grants given to outstanding young scholars working at the frontiers of their fields.

The fellows are among 126 biologists, chemists, computer scientists, economists, mathematicians, neuroscientists, ocean scientists and physicists chosen for the award from 57 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Princeton earned the most fellowships of any single-campus institution, with at least one winner from each field.

The engineering faculty receiving fellowships are:

Gillat Kol, an assistant professor of computer science, studies applied math and data science with a focus on the theoretical aspects of computation, how information theory applies to computational complexity, and interactive compression and coding. She joined the faculty in 2016.

Wyatt Lloyd, an assistant professor of computer science, studies the theory, design, implementation, evaluation and deployment of large-scale distributed systems. He is interested in a variety of topics including big data, storage, consistency, geo-replication, consensus, concurrency control and fault tolerance. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton in 2013 and joined the faculty in 2017.

Jeff Thompson, an assistant professor of electrical engineering, researches applied physics, photonics and quantum information. His work explores methods to control individual atoms in order to harness their quantum properties for computing, communications and sensing technology. He joined the faculty in 2016.

To see the full list of Princeton recipients, see this story.

Sloan Research Fellows are free to pursue any lines of inquiry that interest them, and they are permitted to employ their two-year grant of $70,000 in a wide variety of ways to further their research aims. Since the first awards were created in 1955, some 226 faculty from Princeton University have received a Sloan Research Fellowship. The foundation is a New York City-based philanthropic institution established by Alfred Sloan Jr., then-president and chief executive officer of the General Motors Corp.


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